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Young military recruits Cory and Trey make sure we get off by cramming all the types of gay sexual fun that we like to see in this scene from ‘Raw American Military’. As Trey has a soft spot for Cory he’s willing and dying to have Cory’s cock inside him. Trey sits on his raw dick first and bounces around for a gasp inducing ride. Then he offers his butt up in the air from a number of other positions. Cory is hungry for more and gladly continues to bareback fuck him – slamming his long dick in with all the force he can muster. Download the full video from

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Flip Flopping Gay Marines

Two young gay marines have a thorough bareback fuck session in this scene from Raw American Military. Cory (slender twink) and Jet (solid blond) start out with foreplay of kissing and sucking cock in the kitchen before heading to the shower. In the shower Jet bareback fucks Cory first before Jet then bends over, grabs his ankles and gets fucked raw by Cory. Moving to the bedroom the fuck action continues and so does the flip floppin Join and download gay porn featuring military and college boys

Gay Military Boys

This Straight Marine Wants More Gay Sex

Drew and Kody are straight military boys with a kinky bend for gay sex (watch the full video to see what I mean). In the jacuzzi their glistening, tanned muscles bump against each other as their bodies wrestle in gay foreplay (cock sucking and fingering), in preparation for the bedroom…

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Marine’s First Gay Blow-job

Drew, a thick-set handsome 19 yo from the Marine Corps is out to see just how well a man can give head. He sits naked on the sofa readying his meaty cock for Tony’s mouth. Tony enters and greedily devours Drew’s manmeat, rolling his cock around his mouth and down to tickle his tonsils. Drew groans in pleasure as his first gay sexual encounter begins to heat up…

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Brock & Tony Do Their Own Gay Porn

White boy Brock gets jealous and aroused when he finds out handsome and muscular Tony is surfing the net for gay porn. Before you know it Brock is over to surf Tony’s firm butt. The boys go for a great ride and this hot and seemingly never ending fuck action is bound to get you horny.

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Cock Turns This Black Marine On

Ashton is a 20 yo gay marine with the smoothest, chocolate brown skin and cute face you’ve seen. He loves piercings as he has both nipples pierced as well as a ring through the head of his big cock, making him look down-right sexy. Once he starts fondling the cameraman’s cock his own dick begins to harden and you just know that something more has to eventuate…

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Its OK to Jack Off in Front of Each Other…

Three horny men serving in the military are up for a bit of RR together, ie watch porn and jack-off. Rico, the dark skinned Latin muscle stud, whips his cock out – his head is so big it looks like an atomic mushroom cloud. He later leaves to pee, but on his return he turns himself on by spying on the 2 boys who are jacking each other off. He enters back in the room to spurt dollops of his cum on Marcus, setting Marcus and Bobby off and they start gushing cum from their cocks too.

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Robert’s Cock is a Cum Canon

Hunky American navy boy Robert poses naked with some enticing cock shots. On the bed he plays with his dick until its hard and fingers his hairy hole while telling us a little about himself. He kneels up to cum and by squeezing his juicy balls he blasts the multi-ejaculating streams of his load more than four feet away!

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21 yo U.S. Marine Wanks For Your Pleasure

If you think Sysco’s innocent country-boy face looks familiar it might be that you saw him get fucked like a gay boy in My First Time Doing It. In this scene of A Few Good Men, Sysco flies solo and shows us just how much cum he’s stored up in his balls. He milks his cum out of himself and gets it to splash up his chest. Once the cum splats over his firm chest he massages it into his skin with his hand, swirling it this way and that. But apart from the wanking solo enjoy the photo montage, interview questions (while he wanks) and the clean up scene in the shower. Don’t want that cum to dry and go all crusty!

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Zack Drains His Monster Vein

Time for a youthful fresh 23 yo face – Zack Taylor. And you know what young men always want to do – they want (need) to cum! Zack’s got a marine crew cut, broad shoulders and a snake of an un-cut cock. So what does this straight boy get up to for us gay guys? He starts by purifying himself in the shower before dirtying himself. He talks about his long cock and his sexual experiences. But best of all, watch him tap into his balls and pump out some cum. Sprinkles of glossy pearls pitter-patter across the bed-spread before your eyes.

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